Since the first BtLux Contract Realization Competition was held, users’ enthusiasm for participating in contract transactions has increased. In order to meet the needs of users for contract transactions, help users grow rapidly in actual combat, master trading skills and profit methods, and increase users’ contract revenue , BtLux will…

According to the official announcement, the activity of “Mid Autumn Festival trading Carnival and winning great gifts” will be held from 12:00 on September 15, 2021 to 23:59 on September 20, 2021 (UTC + 8). During the activity, when trading SEA/USDT, you can get a lucky draw when the purchase amount reaches 188U, up to 10 times.There are many prizes, Come and draw them quickly!

BtLux is the world’s first real digital economy token exchange, and is considered to be the most influential participant in the digital economy market. The activity of “Mid-Autumn trading carnival, winning great gifts” is a great opportunity for users to deliver blessings and share dividends on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Behind the encryption shock market, is opportunity or risk?

IPO difficulties,is BtLux fearless or has other plans?

Punch quest, will BtLux make a single breakthrough or a multi-dimensional layout?

What wealth password will be released in the Second half battle?

Time: 20:00–21:00, August 19(UTC+8), 2021 (Thursday)

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According to official new, on August 17, 2021, BtLux exchange announced to join the Global Digital Finance (hereinafter referred to as GDF) and officially become one of its members. It will actively participate in the conference activities organized by GDF, strive to create world-wide products and services, accelerate the pace of internationalization and contribute to industry standards.

As the World’s First Real Digital Economy Token Exchange, BtLux has obtained the compliance licenses of four authoritative institutions: Australian AUSTRAC, American MSB, Canadian MSB and GDF, which also proves the strength of BtLux and its compliance and legitimacy in global digital asset transactions. In the future, BtLux will continue to embrace regulation and provide global users with more professional, compliant and secure digital asset trading services.

BtLux 2.0 public for whole network is launched on July 6, 2021 at 17:00 (UTC+8), The 2.0 public beta has been updated simultaneously on the APP and the Web, and has been updated from the perspective of product, brand, service and other multi-dimensional perspectives. Also the new version strengthen the user assets’s security protection system.

With the competition becoming more and more fierce, the upgrade not only carries the new strategic dream of BtLux trading platform, but also is a great step for BtLux to meet the needs of global users, to obtain value recognition and march towards the global digitization process.

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According to the official announcement, in order to provide customers with a better trading experience, BtLux 2.0 Internal test version will be launched at 22:00(UTC+8) on June 18th, at the same time the “Experience Officer” activity is open for the global,we sincerely invite users to test and experience the new version together.

During the activity, all users who make any transaction in BtLux 2.0 beta will be rewarded accordingly, with a maximum reward of 1000 USDT. In addition, during the transaction, the user fed back experiences or suggestions to the online customer service, BtLux will also send out 100 exquisite awards. More wonderful follow-up, please continue to pay attention!

More details:

According to the official announcement, BtLux will open up the 14th USDT financial purchase channel on May 14, 2021 at 12:00 (UTC+8). The Announcement shows that the product lock period will last 365 days, the annual income is expected to be 13%, a total of 500 subscriptions.

the USDT financial product is a high-quality product that BtLux provides users to increase the value of their idle funds. Since its launch, it has been popular with users and has become one of the best choices for users to realize wealth appreciation.

Focus on the BtLux official website or scan the following code to get more information.

Enjoy 12% interest rate increase benefits!

On March 19, BtLux launched the fifth “BSCC + SEA dual currency financial management” activity . Users can enjoy 8% annual income if they deposit any currency of sea or BSCC separately for 90 days. Meanwhile, if they deposit both sea and BSCC for 90 days, the annual rate of…

— Stimulate Enterprises Moving Towards Digitization

In the post epidemic era, the combination of digital token and real economy has become a key factor for enterprises to complete digital transformation and promote economic recovery. As a pioneer of the real digital economy token trading, BtLux has recently joined hands with the Asia-Pacific Digital Economic Industrial Development…


The World’s First Real Digital Economy Token Exchange

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