BtLux Launches Genesis Partner Equity Incentive Plan “Apollo Project Contract”

Dear users:

BtLux exchange has won praise and trust from many SEA users since it went live. After in-depth discussions with V Foundation and strategic advisors, BtLux decided to launch the Apollo plan, aimed at getting listed on the NYSE!

BtLux has been the world’s first high-quality asset trading platform focused on connecting real economy and digital economy since its establishment. BtLux intends to get the trading platform listed by incubating and mentoring those good projects in the real economy. Favored by the capital market, BtLux also hopes to share the huge profits with all supporters on its way, so V Foundation and BtLux decide to share some of the genesis equity shares with the supporters, that is Apollo Project Contract (APC for short).

BtLux 2020–2022 Roadmap:

1. Plan for 2020:

Chinese website and English website launched at the same time

Incubating 5 global projects of real digital economy to help them get listed on BtLux

Listing 10–20 tokens that have 100,000+ users

The number of users reaching 200,000, and the global ranking reaching the top 50

2. Plan for 2021:

Launching South Korea website, Australia website, and Central and South America website

The number of users reaching over 1 million

Global ranking reaching the top 20

Preparing to be listed on NYSE

3. Plan for 2022:

Launching European website, Japan website and Middle East website

The number of users reaching over 1 million

Global ranking reaching the top 20

Successfully listed on NYSE

Details of “Apollo Project Contract” are as follows.

Overall subscription time: July 17, 2020-September 1, 2020

Exchange users’ subscription time: 10:00, July 20, 2020–18:00, August 20, 2020 (HKT)

How to participate: subscribe for Apollo Project Contract with SEA

Total number of shares: 150 million

The number of shares for Apollo contract subscription: 15 million

The nature of the equity contract: The equity contracts held by the Genesis Partners do not have voting rights or the right to participate in the company’s major business decisions. After the trading platform gets listed, the V foundation will exchange the shares held by the equity contract users for the listed company’s circulating shares, which can be monetized at any time.

Estimation of equity value: 2 SEA for 1 share, the minimum value is around 1 USDT; the average price-earnings ratio (PE) of the New York Stock Exchange is 15–30 times. The stock price can reach 15–30 US dollars per share, and the expected return is 15 times to 30 times. If the minimum net profit per share is $1 for 2 years, then the additional PE value (price-to-earnings ratio) can be increased by more than 10 times, the listed price is expected to be more than $20, and the expected profit can be up to 20 times

Subscription channels: 7 million shares for BtLux exchange + 7 million shares for SEA wallet + 1 million shares for SEA marketing & promotion

Subscription ratio: 2 SEA=1 share

How to check the number and price of equity: the equity feature page of BtLux Exchange/SEA wallet

How to get the subscription quota:

1. New user bonus: New users registered on BtLux between July 6, 2020 and August 20, 2020, will be given a subscription quota of 500 shares per person.

2. Networking Accelerator: From July 13th to 18:00 August 20th (HKT), if you invite three friends and they all complete second-level KYC authentication, you can get an additional subscription quota of 500 shares.

3. First deposit bonus: Users whose single deposit reaches more than 5000 USDT by the launch date (10:00 July 20th) will receive an additional subscription quota of 1,000 shares.

4. Suggestion rewards: Users who put forward high-quality suggestions by August 20th will be given additional subscription quotas or direct equity rewards if their suggestions are adopted.

Exclusive Rights and Benefits of BtLux “Genesis Partners”

1. An electronic version of the Apollo Project Contract (APC) certificate will be offered.

2. If you hold more than 1% of the Apollo Project Contract (APC), that is 150,000 shares, you can get a physical version of the Apollo Project Contract certificate.

3. After getting listed, the equity contract can be directly converted into the equity of the listed company through V Foundation and can be sold in the secondary market at any time

4. Annual profits of listed companies

5. BtLux has the priority repurchase rights of the equity contracts held by Genesis Partners

How to Exchange BtLux “ Genesis Partners” APC Equity Contract:

After getting listed, BtLux provides a special channel, where users can submit the APC contract certificate offered by BtLux (either electronic version or physical version), personal ID information and other materials. V Foundation will assist users in opening an account on NYSE, and transfer the equity to the user’s account to go through the execution of the APC.

BtLux “Genesis Partners” Risk-free Exit Mechanism:

1. The cashing period is 24 months. If BtLux is not approved by the NYSE qualification within 24 months, it will repurchase the user’s equity at a price not lower than the price at the time of subscription and give a reward of 10% annual interest, which means the repurchase price is 120% of the subscription price. The calculation method of the subscription price: the average price of SEA transactions from July 17 to August 20 (BtLux exchange price).

2. Terms of raising repurchase rewards of APC

2.1 If the net increase in SEA holdings per month is greater than 100 SEA from the previous month for 24 consecutive months, the repurchase reward will grow by 10%

2.2 If the net deposit per month is greater than 300 USDT from the previous month for 24 consecutive months, the repurchase reward will grow by 20%

2.3 The repurchase reward will grow by 10% for every 50 new users invited (KYC2) (the maximum reward for this item is 50%)

2.4 The repurchase reward will grow by 5% for every 100 USDT added to the monthly personal transaction fee contribution (the maximum reward for this item is 50%)

2.5 If the monthly transaction fee of all users you invited is up to 10,000 USDT, the repurchase reward is increased by 10% (the maximum reward for this item is 50%)

2.6 The repurchase reward will grow by 5% for the user whose monthly net purchases reach 10,000 SEA (the maximum reward for this item is 50%)

2.7 If the net purchases of the user you invited reach 100,000 SEA every month, the repurchase reward will grow by 5% (the maximum reward for this item is 50%)

2.8 The total repurchase reward is capped at 200%; that is, the repurchase price will be 3 times the subscription price

3. Equity contract for SEA wallet user:

3.1 Equity contract for SEA wallet users can be found in the SEA wallet

3.2 The equity contracts held by SEA wallet users can be merged with the equity contracts held by the same user account in the BtLux exchange to sync accounts in the future update plan of BtLux

3.3 SEA wallet users’ equity contracts enjoy the same benefits as BtLux’s users

The BtLux team always put users first and explore global market steadily. BtLux will select those projects with high-quality node resources and real applications to establish a super ecosystem of digital assets based on SEA and create a differentiated derivative product matrix that meets the needs of users at different levels. We believe BtLux will give a good example of the digitization of financial institutions, contribute to the increase of the nodes, and help BtLux’s supporters to achieve financial freedom.

Thank you for your continued trust and support for BtLux.

Btlux reserves the right to cancel or amend the Apollo Project Contract or Apollo Project Contract Rules at our sole discretion.

BtLux Team

July 17, 2020

【About Apollo and Project Apollo】

Apollo was the ancient Greek god of prophecy and oracles, music, song and poetry, archery, healing, plague and disease, and the protection of the young.

The Apollo program, also known as Project Apollo, was the third United States human spaceflight program carried out by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which succeeded in landing the first humans on the Moon from 1969 to 1972. It was the first time human beings left Earth orbit and visited another world. These missions made it possible to explore more distant worlds further in the future. More than 20,000 companies, 200 universities and 80 scientific research institutions participated in the project. Its scientific and technological achievements have a profound impact on mankind.

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